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Federated Search

31 May 2012 14:22
Does opensearch client library for .net support federated search ? From product walkthrough, I understood that opensearch client library can add more than 1 OpenSearchUrlTemplate. So I think this means that more than one opensearch search enginers can be queried with single query. But how does the query made on this sources ? Are they conducted in parallel or does libray wait for one URL to respond to query the other URL ? To sum up, does this library support federated search and if so, how ?
03 Jun 2012 23:50
There is no specific support for federated search but implementing it yourself on top of the library API should be straightforward. You would need to create an OpenSearchGateway for each of your target search servers and call the Execute method on each of them - you could do this asynchronously. You would then need to stitch together the individual results in an appropriate way for your scenario.
03 Jun 2012 23:51
Note also, the GenerateRequestUri and ProcessResponse methods are provided so that you can implement your own web-request logic if you wish to do so. For further details about the API, you can download the help file (in CHM format) from the product page:
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